Sören Åhlén new CEO of Farsta Lås


Prosero Security Group (”Prosero”) has recruited Sören Åhlén to be the CEO of Farsta Lås. Sören Åhlén, with solid experience in security technology, comes to us from the Municipality of Täby.

Sören Åhlén worked in the roles of security co-ordinator and security specialist, as well as being a project technical manager, for the municipality of Täby, where he worked for eight years, most recently as a consultant and with his own business. Prior to that, he has, among other things, worked as a head of security for the Radisson hotel group, and as a security sales representative for Certego.

”My focus has always been on security technology, I’m passionate about bringing people and technology together. I have been in roles as a customer for many years, but I’m constantly feeling drawn back to this side. It is immensely interesting to have experience from both the customer side as well as the business side. It provides the understanding that customers do not always possess substantial expertise, and look at the range of possibilities that the seller offers for providing a basis for a sound decision. Farsta Lås is a traditional lock and alarm company with great potential It is going to be quite exciting to be working with intensifying the process and the business. Customers who receive super service come back, so I believe that we will be able to make a difference”, says Sören Åhlén.

As a part of Prosero, the leading independent Nordic technical security services company, there are extensive possibilities to continue developing the respective companies in line with the target group’s needs and the trends in the market. Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero, is quite pleased with the recruitment of Sören Åhlén:

”Torbjörn Rönning and the employees have performed excellent work during the past two years with reorganising Farsta Locks and creating a stable basis for continued growth. Farsta Locks is a fine company with a large customer base and considerable potential for further development. It thus is a pleasure to welcome Sören to the CEO role at Farsta Lås and into the Prosero family”, says Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero Security Group.

Torbjörn Rönning will remain at Farsta Lås as the Head of Production, with a focus on sales, projects and deliveries.


MIKAEL NORLANDER CEO, Prosero Security Group mikael.norlander@prosero.com +46-707 25 62 75

SÖREN ÅHLÉN CEO, Farsta Lås soren.ahlen@farstalas.se +46 70-601 05 45

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