Prosero makes further acquisitions in Norrland


Prosero Security Group (”Prosero”) continues its phenomenal growth, having now acquired Sundsvalls El & Larmservice AB (”Öbacka Tele & Larm och El & Larmservice”). The acquisition strengthens Prosero’s position in Norrland, and intensifies the detailed reach of its offerings in fire safety and electronic security.

”Öbacka Tele & Larm och El & Larmservice is an actor that strengthens our market position in northern Sweden, and we are pleased to bid them welcome to Prosero. This is a company of high repute with a strong local position and it will strengthen our offerings first and foremost in fire safety and electronic security. In conjunction with the other companies in the Prosero family, the crew at Sundsvall will be able to offer their customers a still better palette of security-related services”, comments Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero.

Sundsvalls El & Larmservice was founded by the company’s current CEO, Anthony Fagerberg, in 1998, who then purchased Öbacka Tele & Larm in 1999 and merged the two strongly anchored companies together in 2010. Today, the company is mostly known locally as Öbacka, and offers products involving among other things intruder alarms, fire alarms, electronic security and entry systems.

”I’ve put my entire life into this, the company is of course my baby. We maintain an extremely high level of service, and my strength lies in sustaining this. By becoming a part of Prosero we will become still stronger and be able to shoulder completely new tasks that we have previously been unable to undertake. We are specialists in the makes we sell, but there are incredibly many different types of systems, so great strength will come from the ability to work together with the other Prosero companies”, says Anthony Fagerberg, CEO of Öbacka Tele & Larm och El & Larmservice.

On the very day after the acquisition was signed, the first working relationship with another company in the Prosero family was able to be initiated.

Sundsvalls El & Larmservice currently has 18 employees at two locations, Sundsvall and Ljusdal, and has sales of approx. SEK 31 million. The previous owners of the company have become part-owners of Prosero through the acquisition.

Prosero is one of the leading security companies in the Nordic countries, with long experience in the industry and strong local anchoring at 55 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

CONTACT: Anthony Fagerberg VD, Sundsvalls El & Larmservice +46-706 96 25 70

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