Prosero Enterprise

Prosero is represented in over 120 locations across northern Europe. We are unique in our substantial provider network; in all locations we have delivered with the highest quality for many years, and our locations are not dependent on individual persons or contracts. Through Prosero Enterprise, we connect our offices and create a strong offering for customers with stringent and unique requirements on security. We serve customers with multiple locations in various geographical areas, customers requiring integrated deliveries and reporting, and customers with large facilities.

Prosero Enterprise offers the following benefits to customers in the target group:

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Crane and containers

Systems and solutions

Prosero is an independent supplier of security services, with extensive competence in all well-known brands available on the market. By combining cutting-edge expertise with a wide variety of products, we offer tailored solutions and national deliveries for:

  • Alarm and camera surveillance
  • Fire alarms and fire protection
  • Access systems and locks
  • Integrated security management systems
  • Alarm centre connection, including associated modern services from the alarm centre

We have many system specialists and, of all the security providers in the market, we hold the most certifications for quality and environmental standards. Our philosophy is that authority and responsibility create dedication, enjoyment of the work, and high quality in deliveries.

We’d be happy to tell you more – feel free to contact us!


Prosero delivers security to many customers in a range of industries. Many of our customers have multiple facilities in various locations. Here are some examples of completed assignments. We’d be happy to tell you more – so don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

Ports of vital importance

Long-term supplier of installation, operations, and maintenance of security systems for the ports of Stockholm. The latest technology with integrations to a management system.

National authority

Installation of alarms and access systems, and integration with a management system.

Large-scale data centre

Large-scale security installation of lock, alarm, and access systems, with integration into a common platform.


Long-term supplier of installation, operations, and maintenance of lock, alarm, and access systems, as well as camera surveillance, to a large university.

National retail food chain

Security supplier to a leading grocery chain with more than 1,200 shops throughout Denmark.

Larger shopping locations

Installation and service of lock systems for a large number of shopping centres in Norway.

Global retailer

Installation of digital lock systems, entry intercom telephony, and access control to multiple logistics units and offices in Sweden.

Larger electricity supply company

Installation of burglar alarms, access systems, and camera systems in multiple locations, with integration in a management system.

Country-wide gym chain

Installation and service of security and access systems in more than 150 fitness centres in Denmark.

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