Prosero acquires Låssmeden i Norrköping


Prosero Security Group (”Prosero”) continues its strategic growth, and is now acquiring Låssmeden i Norrköping (”Låssmeden”). Låssmeden possesses a regional market-leading position and will contribute to strengthening the Prosero Group’s position in Östergötland.

”By the acquisition of Låssmeden we are positioning ourselves still closer to our customers in the Norrköping region. Låssmeden’s services complement our offerings in the region and create excellent preconditions for co-operation with, first and foremost, Passera, who has a branch in Norrköping”, comments Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero.

Låssmeden was founded back in 1955, and since 1976 has been a family company. Today, they are specialised in electronic and mechanical locks, access control systems and entrance automation. The company is certified and holds two craftsman’s certificates, plus it is a member of the Swedish Master Locksmith Association.

”We believe it will be a powerful ride together with the other companies that are also a part of Prosero. To let go of a family company that was in its third generation would not have felt right if it weren’t for precisely Prosero having become the new owners, we completely share visions and views of the future”, says Johan Alkehed, CEO of Låssmeden.

”It sure feels super to have taken the step forward. I believe that the entirety will become really good, that the deliveries of complete solutions can become still stronger. We know that we will be strongly engaged with what we have and together with other Prosero companies will become still more dominant. We can now work in the same manner, but are able to make use of the advantages of the large group”, says Petter Alkehed, part-owner of Låssmeden.

Låssmeden i Norrköping currently has ten employees and sales of approx. SEK 41.5 million.

The previous owners of Låssmeden have become part-owners of Prosero through the acquisition.

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