Prosero acquires Creab Säkerhet


Prosero Security Group (”Prosero”) is acquiring Creab Säkerhet AB (”Creab”), which places Karlskrona on the Prosero map and also complements the group’s strength with unique competence and a high level of confidence capital.

”The acquisition of Creab is strategically important from a number of perspectives. In part geographically, since Karlskrona has been a blank spot up on the map up to now for us. And in part in purely operational terms, since Creab will open new doors for us in the region with its competence. Creab has also had co-operation arrangements in place for a number of years with other Prosero companies in the same region”, comments Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero.

The Karlskrona company, Creab, was founded in 1985 and is operated today by Richard Larsson and Johan Groth. Creab is first and foremost focused on mechanical and electronic locks, as well as smaller access control systems, but also entrance automation and offers customised overarching solutions. This involves the company being able to deliver all services and technology that are required, from the project planning to the proper delivery.

”To become one of a number of strong companies within Prosero feels like a genuinely exciting challenge. We are now jointly creating superior customer offerings, which address the future demands of the market and create high value for our customers. As a part of Prosero, we are able to offer a still more complete range of products and services to our local market. That we will continue to survive as Creab means that the transition will not be especially dramatic, and that we are able to remain the company we are, while becoming a better alternative for customers. It clearly seems to be a winning concept”, says Richard Larsson, CEO of Creab.

”It is going to be great fun to be a part of Prosero. We are already acquainted with a number of Prosero companies, and we value the opportunities to exchange experiences and co-operate with them to a still higher degree by being part of the group. I view it as an opportunity to develop the company and be able to offer our customers a completely different portfolio”, says Johan Groth, a participant in Creab.

Creab, with a total of five employees, is headquartered in Karlskrona. Its annual sales comprise approx. SEK 16.6 million.

The previous owners of Creab have become part-owners of Prosero through the acquisition.

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