Patrik Lindskog

Patrik Lindskog new CEO at Samuelsson & Partner


Patrik Lindskog has taken over the CEO position at Samuelsson & Partner, with its founder, Petter Samuelsson, now advancing within the Prosero Security Group in order to scale up the efforts focusing on digital lock technology and access control.

Patrik Lindskog has been the production manager at Samuelsson & Partner for the past three years. He possesses many years of prior experience with security projects and commercial considerations, including with Certego and Safeteam. His career began at the University of Stockholm’s security department. Patrik Lindskog is looking forward to the next step in developing Samuelsson & Partner and to continuing to work on refining requirements for the internally developed Digital Locksmith concept and platform, which in future will come to stand on its own merits within Prosero and be headed by Petter Samuelsson.

”At one time, I thought I was going to become a locksmith, but ultimately it was not the locks themselves that I was most interested in, but rather the people who work with locks and security matters. The goal is to further refine Samuelsson & Partner and become more niche-oriented than we have been up to now We intend to become the leading digital locksmith in the Nordic countries. Many people are impressed by what we have succeeded in building up to now, and now as a part of Prosero we are continuing to do this on a grander scale and more profitably”, says Patrik Lindskog.

Prosero is one of the leading independent Nordic companies involved with technical security services, as well as leading the market in digital locks. Prosero was an early seller of digital locks in both Finland and Sweden, and is the largest reseller in the Nordic countries today. Samuelsson & Partner has been a pioneer in the Swedish market and over time has built up a unique competence, process and self-developed platform that will now continue to be developed and made available to all of Prosero and consequently to a still broader market. Prosero’s CEO Mikael Norlander is of the opinion that the efforts to scale up Digital Locksmith and its various competences comprise a part of the strategy to create and manage modern and customer-adapted security that align with the requirements of the future.

”To begin with, I am extremely pleased on the one hand that we are able to carry out an internal succession for the CEO position at one of our subsidiaries. It showcases the talent that exists within Prosero and the strength of our business model. Patrik is a very capable and valued manager with broad experience.  In parallel, we are devoting increased efforts to our digital solutions, which both lowers our costs as well as provides the possibility for increased revenues for our customers. We see a quite substantial potential in the area and in order to give it our full attention, we have chosen under the Petter Samuelsson’s leadership to continue developing the service offerings for digital lock technology and access control directly under Prosero”, says Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero Security Group.

Petter Samuelsson founded Samuelsson & Partner with a vision:

”I started the company with the insight that a different and new type of competence will be required and the ambition was to create a new and supplementary niche in the industry with the Digital Locksmith concept. My objective was to give customers the security they were demanding and promised added value with the use of digital lock technology and access control”, he says. ”Now that the first stage has been achieved, I am ending my tenure as the CEO of Samuelsson & Partner in order to pursue new challenges within Prosero, the largest independent security supplier in the Nordic countries. My new role will involve working with continuing to develop the digital concept for a larger market, which I am excited to be looking forward to”, comments Petter Samuelsson.


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