Magnus Gens becomes responsible for Prosero Digital Solutions


Prosero Security Group has recruited Magnus Gens as the person to be responsible for the newly started area named Prosero Digital Solutions.

Magnus Gens is an engineer and has a background in development. He has worked with both industry-oriented applications such as mining technology as well as with more consumer-oriented solutions and products for, among others, Combitech and Saab. He comes to us from a position with the consulting company HiQ, where he has worked in a business development role at the group level and has been a part of the management group.

”It is a fantastic pleasure to be offered this opportunity at Prosero. I have never previously encountered an industry that has similar potential or opportunities. My focus will be on implementing tangible solutions that can be brought to the market within a short time horizon, in order to efficiently also achieve long-term goals. This involves being proactive and taking matters into your own hands, it is not appropriate to speculate or wait. A full emphasis on solving the challenges and problems customers are facing  – this is the way forward”, says Magnus Gens.

Magnus Gens will start his position as the person responsible for Prosero Digital Solutions on 1 October.

”Last summer, we established Prosero Digital Access, where we gathered together our self-developed digital lock and access solutions. We are in an early phase, but the response so far has been extremely positive. With Magnus Gens on board, we are now taking an overarching approach within a number of service areas, which is being done under the umbrella name Prosero Digital Solutions, in order to make accessible and further develop our digital solutions”, comments Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero Security Group.

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