Lås och Nyckel Gävle

Lås & Nyckel in Gävle joins Prosero Security Group


Lås & Nyckel in Gävle AB (”Lås & Nyckel”) joins as company number 27 in Prosero Security Group (”Prosero”). Lås & Nyckel is a well-established security company that has delivered security and safety solutions for customers in Gävleborg and the surrounding area.

”It feels really nice to welcome Locks & Nyckel to Prosero. It is a well-managed company with high competence and long experience. We are impressed by how CEO Stefan Sjöman together with the talented employees have continually broadened and further developed the customer offerings in order to strengthen the company.

At Prosero and Lås & Nyckel, we have common values and similar ways of looking at company culture and what is important in their encounters with our customers. Lås & Nyckel expresses it quite precisely: We are easy to get in touch with, easy to do business with and easy to communicate with. We can be found where our customers are found. We listen to our customers and offer solutions that can be relied on. We must be the obvious choice when it concerns everything involving security. 

Our goal is to give Stefan and his employees the best preconditions to further develop the company and together with its sister company Dala Lås & Larm we have the possibility to give existing and new customers in the Gävle-Dala region better service”, comments Mikael Norlander, CEO of Prosero.

Lås & Nyckel is a security company with long experience and a strong local base in Gävleborg and the surrounding area. The company, which was founded in 1974, has always had a strong customer focus and delivered security and safety in a personal and professional manner to the customers who today range from the single individual to large companies, municipalities, county councils and state entities in Gävleborg and the surrounding area. Lås & Nyckel has continuously further developed its offerings due to a curiosity about new technology and an ability to adapt itself to changing customer needs. Its historical foundation has been mechanical locks and security products, however electronic security and access control systems now comprise a clear majority of the sales. Lås & Nyckel has 13 employees and a turnover of approx. SEK 25 million.

”The first time we met with representatives from Prosero, we could directly recognise that we saw eye-to-eye in our way of looking at business, service, customer interaction, etc. That Prosero safeguards the local feeling with close customer contact and agile decision-making was extremely important to us. Since we began in 1974, we have become a strong actor with a good reputation in the local market, and over the years we have set new goals which we have achieved. With Prosero behind us, we will now become a still stronger actor in our region and can reliably continue to be developed. Our established goal now is to make use of the bread expertise available from the Prosero group”, comments Stefan Sjöman, CEO of Lås & Nyckel.

The previous owners of Lås & Nyckel have now become part-owners of Prosero as a result of this.

Prosero consists of 27 companies at 40 locations in Sweden and Norway
Axel Group, Axlås & Solidlås, Begelås, Beslag-Consult, Bodø Sikkerhet & Lås, Borås & Kungsbacka Lås & Säkerhet, Cadsafe Brandservice, Citylåset in Kristianstad, CFS Larm, Dala Lås, Dalek Lås & Larm, Farsta Lås, LH Alarm, Låshuset Sikkerhetssenter, Lås & Nyckel in Gävle, Låssmeden Sven Alexandersson, Låsesmeden Tromsø, Lövestad Larmcentral, OpenUp, Passera, Rikstvåans Låsservice, Romerike Låsservice, Safetytech in Väst, Swedsecur, Tele & Säkerhetstjänst in Skara, Telos Telemontage and Zenita. Prosero’s total turnover comprises approx. SEK 900 million.


Mikael Norlander, CEO, Prosero Security Group
+46-707 25 62 75

Stefan Sjöman, CEO, Lås & Nyckel in Gävle
+46-70 995 28 24

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