Lås-Arne in Huddinge integrates into LH Alarm


After a long and fruitful period of collaboration, the well-known locksmithing firm Lås-Arne will become part of LH Alarm. For both companies, the move will strengthen their shared service offering in the Stockholm region.

Well-known locksmithing firm Lås-Arne started in 1978 as a family-owned business and is currently operated by second-generation family entrepreneurs Ann-Christin and Joakim Funck. The company has a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of electrical and mechanical lock systems and door automation. Through the integration, both LH Alarm and Lås-Arne can now take their service offering in the Stockholm region to new heights.

Lås-Arne has a well-established shop in Huddinge and five employees. Annual turnover amounts to more than SEK 16 million. The firm provides a wide-ranging customer base of property owners, housing associations, and private companies and individuals with expert knowledge, products, and services.

Although Lås-Arne is being integrated into LH Alarm AB, under the direction of Victor Söderlund, both brands will continue in parallel and will share both companies’ service offering. By doing so, the firms will be able to expand their portfolio within specialized lock and security solutions.

Together, the two can provide even better service and fulfil the growing needs of both current and future customers in the Stockholm region.

“Lås-Arne has been a close and dependable partner for quite some time,” explains Victor Söderlund, CEO of LH Alarm. “Their professionalism and considerable competence have played a key role in our collaboration. We look forward to combining our respective strengths and advantages. This will enable even easier access to our collective competence and expertise for our customers, thus strengthening our position in the market.”

“For us, it’s a natural progression to integrate with LH Alarm,” says Ann-Christin Funck, CEO of Lås-Arne. “We know that both firms and our customers will benefit from the fusion. The companies and their staff are well-known to each other, and we already have a great cooperative process in place – a process that we look forward to developing even more.”

For more information, please contact:

Victor Söderlund
CEO, LH Alarm AB
E-Mail: victor.soderlund@lh-alarm.se
Tel: +46 70 899 15 06

Ann-Christin Funck
CEO, Lås-Arne AB
E-Mail: anki@las-arne.se
Tel: +46 70 432 69 36

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