Larmatic joins Team Prosero


Security provider Larmatic has joined the Prosero network. The Stockholm-based company offers services in burglar/intrusion alarms, camera surveillance, and access solutions. As a full-service supplier in technical security, Larmatic also provides competence in areas such as locks, door environments, and entry/exit systems. The Larmatic brand story began back in 1964. Since its founding, the firm has excelled as a local and highly skilled security provider in Sweden’s capital city and the surrounding areas.

“With Larmatic in the Prosero team, we can strengthen our position further in the Stockholm region. We already have an excellent market presence there, but this addition improves our offer in burglar/intrusion alarms and all related services. This gives us significant opportunities for cooperation and synergies. We’re excited to welcome Richard’s team and their competence to the group,” says Fredrik Gren, CEO of Prosero.

Since its founding, Larmatic has focused on the total life cycle for alarm systems. The company involves the customer before, during, and after installation and commissioning of the technical solution. Larmatic’s philosophy has always been to put customer benefit first, not the technology as such. Safety and security are achieved through a systematic approach, in which experience and industry know-how play essential roles.

“I firmly believe that becoming part of the Prosero team will make us an even better supplier to our customers. Well-packaged turnkey solutions, focused on the customer, are definitely the way forward. At the same time, it’s crucial to be able to offer cutting-edge competence in each specific area. Joining Prosero gives us a more comprehensive approach. Providing even more depth and breadth in our competence and services will truly benefit our customers,” adds Richard Sommer, CEO for Larmatic.

Larmatic is a certified installation firm for Class 1 and 2 burglar/intrusion alarms, with a number of engineers certified in alarm and surveillance systems among its ranks. With offices in Västberga, south of Stockholm, Larmatic delivers complete security systems to businesses, authorities, and property owners.

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