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Digitalisation is favouring professional players that can leverage on scale. New technology is also triggering an increase in demand for more sophisticated and sustainable solutions. While traditional methods still dominate, the trend clearly points towards digital access control services in the future.

Through Prosero Digital Access we invest heavily in internally developed digital locking and access solutions to lead the digitalization of the access control industry.

As the largest independent Nordic security supplier, Prosero Digital Access offers complete digital management of entire access and locking systems. With our collective expertise, technical knowledge and leadership in the development of digital added value services, we maximise the usefulness of modern access and locking systems, as well as digitalise the entire flow. Through the unique digital solutions collected together under Prosero Digital Access and in combination with one of broadest service and installation networks in the Nordic countries, we maximise the utility for the property owner and create efficient and reliable solutions, adapted to the digital property’s future.

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