Tornberget has a contract with Axlås Solidlås regarding maintenance, complements and change of security systems. The goal is for Tornberget’s system to follow a mutual standard, in order to facilitate for both property caretakers as well as the security supplier.

I avtalet ingår en kort inställelsetid, för att eventuella fel i säkerhetssystem ska kunna åtgärdas snabbt. – Det skapar extra trygghet för hela verksamheten. För mig är det dessutom väldigt positivt att slippa agera mellanhand, säger Thomas Duggins som är larmingenjör och har hand om alla tekniska installationer inom Tornbergets verksamheter.

When I send a work related order or a complement to Axlås Solidlås’ service desk, I know they will solve everything by themselves and that the work will be done correctly. Axlås Solidlås has very broad knowledge within security. They are a part of the Prosero Group, where there are additional capacity if needed.

Thomas Duggins, Tornberget

To ensure the quality in the deliveries, Axlås Solidlås and Tornberget have an ongoing dialogue where upcoming work and resources are planned. – We always strive to be close to our customers and to be responsive of their challenges, for us to solve them in the best way possible. Therefore we also have framework agreement meetings at least once a month, which makes our partnership continuously develop and improve, says Johan Uddén at Axlås Solidlås.