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Per Jakobsson, responsible for operations and maintenance for Strömmars’ boats, says that it is about an older type of mechanical locks, which suits the business perfectly. – Some boats are manned all year round, others just a few weeks. Further, the boats are old, some made in the 1800s. Therefore not all locks are suitable. The locks need to suit the constructions and interiors of the boats, as well as withstand snow, ice and cold during the winter. Begelås knows what we want and gives us a robust, reliable solution. We see absolutely no need to change supplier.

At the same time there are some challenges with the current locking system. – The splits are simply starting to run out. But we have updated solutions, which suit this complex environment, says Anna Ström, Operations manager at Begelås, which now is merged with Axlås Solidlås.

Begelås does a large part of service and maintenance during the beginning of the year when the boats are not operating. They also produce renting keys when Strömmas’ own personnel don’t man the boats. – There is work during the season as well, for example acute jobs when keys are lost, Anna Ström says. We have a solid relationship and there is a great understanding between us and the customer. Some of our coworkers, the former owner of Begelås Dan Delleborn, among others, have been working with Strömma all these years and the knowledge this brings is something we deeply cherish and make sure to pass on. It’s a whole science knowing all locking schedules for the different boats.

Per Jakobsson at Strömma, he too highlights the pros with a long-lasting partnership.

I highly appreciate that Begelås really knows our business and have total control over how the locking system is interrelated. They always live up to our expectations and do a great job. That makes it a lot easier for us.

Per Jakobsson, Strömma Turism & Sjöfart