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Stora Sköndal previously had 45 different mechanical lock systems, which made key handling difficult and hard to overview. After a thorough needs analysis Samuelsson & Partner installed a joint digital lock system for the entire business, which includes 4 000 locking points. This has made every day more secure for everybody, including coworkers, operations managers and subcontractors.

They took total responsibility, which will decrease costs in the long run as well as increase safety. We grow excessively and because of the iLOQ-system we don’t see any limitations for our needs.

Christer von Essen, Stora Sköndal

All employees have their own personal key, which gives them access to everything from pharmaceuticals and journal systems to padlocks, depending on needed accessibility connected to each profession. The need for handing out keys to newly arrived refugees at the asylum accommodations is easier and faster, as well as access to dementia homes for close relations to patients. Through Internet-based softwares the foundation can easily handle and foresee permission, while the usage of all keys is registered in the system. Furthermore it is easy and quick to block lost keys – a significantly more efficient solution than to reprogram or change lock cylinders when a key is lost.

As a part of developing Stora Sköndal there are many new constructions, as well as reconstructions. With the new digital lock system it is significantly easier for subcontractors to access needed areas. Previously, temporary building cylinders were used, which meant great costs for the foundation.

– As with all constructions, there has to be a solid foundation, which is also the case for lock systems. Our knowledge and understanding for our customers’ businesses separates us from other locksmiths. Structure and systematization always have to originate from the customer’s needs, and not to be driven by the offer of the supplier, says Petter Samuelsson, CEO and founder of Samuelsson & Partner.