Stockholms Hamnar logotyp

The contract covers security equipment in offices, technical spaces, passenger terminals and logistic areas with extensive freight flows. Zenita Security has got coworkers on site constantly, who are a committed team responsible for keeping the security system in great shape. Project managers as well as technicians are experienced and collectively possess wide knowledge within lock security and IT.

Zenita Security is an important supplier and of great significance in our every day. The business is very intense and changeable. If the security systems fail, our flows will be impacted, such as passenger traffic as well as freight handling and other logistics. We have high demands on quality and execution, and are in constant dialogue with Zenita regarding projection and monitoring. Both parties work hard to develop our collaboration.

Hans Kemkes, Security manager at Stockholms Hamnar

The CEO of Zenita Security, Lars Lundgren, says that the company has managed to solve a large part of the security technical challenges of Stockholms Hamnar. Simultaneously the company has managed to develop the ability to work with extensive and demanding customers. Lars states that choices of technique and maintenance are crucial for operation security in the systems. He also stresses the importance of careful planning and monitoring to maintain the right security level.
As an example, we document through photos, with the customer’s consent, inside all technical installations to really ensure the quality. To increase our transparency we also carry a case management system, where the customer can report cases and receive instant feedback regarding actions that were made. This means that mistakes and errors are documented, identified and rectified in a systematic way, which then contributes to the high quality and operational safety in the facilities.