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The locksmith company Låssmeden Tromsø was commissioned to install locks, mountings and door automation in Sparebankens new offices. This part included burglar proof locks for 58 doors connected to the overall access and alarm system, as well as locks for 61 regular office doors.

The architects were looking to create a open and modern environment, while also preserving the building’s original style and furnishing to a large extent. This brought a certain complexity to the mission.

For us, the main challenge has been to make modern security technology work and blend into this old building. For example, the architects wanted no visible wires, which meant we had to install them in the very old and thick brick walls.

Robin Klo, operations manager at Låssmeden Tromsø

For the old ballroom, the original brass door handles were replicated and equipped with electronic locks in order to preserve the room’s original character.

The work was carried out during a period of 6 months. One of the most important factors for high efficiency was the use of detailed requirement specifications for every single door.

– The building was re-opened along with the new Sparbanken offices in January 2020. When all pilot operating is done, we will make an ongoing service agreement, says Robin Klo.