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In the beginning of 2019 all of the lock systems in Torsvik were upgraded. Over 300 mechanical cylinders, in three different buildings, were replaced with a digital electromechanical system.

– Our previous system was older and therefore vulnerable. Documentation and receipts were only available in paper form, says Peter Söderback, Safety&Security manager at IKEA Swedish AB Torsvik. We are now able to quickly block keys when necessary and have total control over authorities and accesses to our facilities. Each key can be connected to everything from 1 to 300 lock cylinders or padlocks.

After a thorough training from Passera, IKEA is now handling a large part of administration regarding the lock system themselves.

The software is simple and logical, which made it easy for us to get started. There is a searchable manual, which makes is easier and Passera provides support when needed. This far, most issues have been solvable through phone. The cooperation has worked well from the beginning.

Marcus Wigren, Safety&Security Coordinator at IKEA Torsvik

Peter Söderback says that the change of lock system was fast and that Passera always is quick with respondence and assistance. – We need exceptional security for our logistic flows to work, and it is therefore important with knowledgable and available suppliers.