When the head organisation Region Skåne decided on substantial renovations for all hospitals, Helsingborgs lasarett identified the need for a new access control system geared towards tomorrow’s healthcare.

Hospitals have many functions that regular real estate does not have, says . We have several complex door systems, which in turn calls for an integrated access and burglar alarm that is easily adapted to changing healthcare needs and regulations. The system installed by Swedsecur allows us to make updates on a monthly basis, which is pivotal to us.

Tord Johansson, specialist in operations management at Region Skåne’s central service unit

During the last 5 years, Swedsecur has performed installations, deployments and maintenance connected to the access control system. The work covers system exchange on 700 existing doors and system installations on 1 800 new doors. All in all, the system includes 13 000 alarm points.

The ever changing nature of healthcare operations also place new demands on security. The ongoing renovation of the main hospital building has brought the need for temporary access control, in order to allow patients and their relatives to enter and exit nursing wards using disposable codes.

– There are always new challenges to find soultions for, says project leader and technician Magnus Berndtsson at Helsingborgs lasarett. Swedsecur is also involved in planning for new buildings and renovations, to make sure that the premises are designed for optimal security. – We have been working with Swedsecur for several years and they understand healthcare as well as we do. We have an open and flexible collaboration, and they are able to come up with creative solutions that contribute to maximum efficiency and security in our activities.