Prosero enhances its position in Norway through acquisition of Dørautomatikk


Through the acquisition of Dørautomatikk, Prosero is strengthening its position in the Norwegian market for door automation, as well as our market position in southern and eastern Norway

“In just a short time, Prosero has established a strong foundation in the Nordic region, and we look forward to being a part of the group’s successful operations. Dørautomatikk will gain access to new customers and business, and we’ll contribute with our specialist know-how,” says Steffan Gundersen, Operations manager for Dørautomatikk.

Founded in 2015, Dørautomatikk has developed significant expertise in automation for accessibility, access control, and fire safety, and is also highly competent in locks and fittings. The company offers door environments with high security classes for intrusion prevention and fire protection, and has offices in the Kjørbekk industrial estate in Skien, Norway. As a part of Prosero, Dørautomatikk will contribute with specialist knowledge and delivery capacity; the firm will be a valuable addition, primarily in the southern and eastern regions of Norway.

Primary customers include property owners, exterior contractors, and the public sector, to which Dørautomatikk delivers both projects and service calls. Though mainly a regional operation from Kristiansand to Oslo, the company also delivers products and services to small and large customers throughout Norway.

“Dørautomatikk is a source of excellent specialist knowledge and fantastic technicians. The firm’s successes over the years have made a big impression on us. We are very proud to welcome the company to Prosero,” added Andreas Setting, country manager for Prosero Norway.

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