Prosero acquires market-leading companies with strong leaders. Through the Prosero model, a business model with decentralized management, the companies are run in the same vein and under the same brand by the local leadership, but now with the support of a larger community and with all the benefits it offers. Operational and strategic decisions are made locally by the companies, taking into account their own markets and in close association with their customers. It creates fast-paced companies where an entrepreneurial

mindset, technical expertise, and customer knowledge promote development, all the while with the backing of a large group. Local presence and a close relationship with customers combined with a large network of multi-brand experts create successful and market-leading security solutions.

Together we create a unique platform for successful security companies and a very attractive value proposition.

This is the Prosero model

The Prosero model

1. Attract & grow local champions

Prosero offers the most successful actors in the industry a unique environment for development: a growth platform with decentralized control, backed by the business strength of a large corporate organization. Individual companies in the group take important operative and strategic decisions locally, and Prosero provides support through common initiatives resulting in nimble organizations where entrepreneurial spirit and genuine understanding of the market are the drivers of development and progress.

2. Attractive customer offers for loyal customers

Through close cooperation among Prosero companies, each company can expand the breadth and depth of its customer relations. This in turn enables companies to take on more complex projects, offer new solutions and digital services, and expand into new customer segments. Market-independent expertise in multiple areas and deep understanding of customer needs allow companies to tailor highly effective security solutions – the basis for building long-term collaboration and attracting loyal, returning customers.

3. Profitable growth by exchange of experience

Using selected KPIs, Prosero follows company development to reveal success factors and provide valuable insights and lessons regarding Best Practice. Continuous dialogue, cooperation, and intercompany meetings create a thriving forum for information sharing and competence development. Support for financial management and planning offers Prosero companies a clear business picture and ensures that companies can achieve established goals and expectations.

4. Scale benefits through joint initiatives

The negotiating strength of the expanding group allows companies to benefit from advantageous central purchasing agreements. Doing so improves margins, increases competitive muscle, and results in more business success. Digital marketing initiatives open new platforms for interaction with customers and boost companies’ digital presence. Prosero’s training programme, Prosero Academy, aims to increase the organization’s collective competence and create a workplace that attracts and retains highly qualified employees.

"We have managed to maintain the small company's speed and high level of customer service, while knowing that there is a larger group behind it provides increased security for both customers and employees."

"In our first 18 months with Prosero, we have increased both profit and turnover by more than 50%."

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